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We provide our clients with strategy and execution for their business growth. We are out-of-the-box executors!



Changes call for innovation, and innovation leads to progress.

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We are an indigenous branding & digital transformation agency based in Lagos, Nigeria

Brandie is a locally grown branding and strategic digital agency that works with brands and businesses to improve their market presence.
We have key experience in helping businesses, just like yours to develop and grow.
We may be small, but we’re big on ideas!



Our mission is to help you become more successful, whether that’s generating sales leads, promoting your brand or communicating complex messages to your target audience.
Our expert insight will help you identify the perfect strategy for your marketplace.
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Why Choose Us?
Your Business Depends on Your Decisions

The critical part of your communication strategy is the planning. Having the right base, using the right marketing ingredients to best communicate the right messages to your target audience. We drive and manage the entire process for you to ensure goals are met and you get results.




Our team is comprised of certified and experienced individuals with a proven track record of excellence.



Disruptive Ideas

We constantly create disruptive ideas to help our clients businesses grow.



24/7 Customer Services

We are always available to attend to you promptly without delay.

Our Services

We are driven by the pursuit of excellence and zeal to build global brands. We help you tell your story the way it should be told.



Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing service helps you scale up and achieve your goals.




We provide training on a variety of areas such as;

  1. Brand communication
  2. Digital marketing essentials
  3. Digital transformation for businesses
  4. Branding and Digital Transformation for Lawyers and Law firms



Graphic Design and Print Services

We have a team of exceptional designers and printers ready to deliver expected client outcomes.



Web Development

We provide Web & Mobile Design, Development & Testing, Content Management Systems, E-Commerce Systems.



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Branding & Digital Transformation for Law Firms

We have a special feature digital transformation service for law firms, legal research firms, and firms that provide legal support services, to improve their operational processes and visibility.

Features of this package are:



Creation and management of law firm website including emails.



Our team consists of qualified lawyers who manage social media accounts for firms in-line with the Rules of Professional Conduct



We provide classy and corporate designs for Law firms and also create shareble links for these articles to be easily shared across social media platforms.



We also provide design of brand collaterals such as: Letterheads, businesscards, envelopes, case files etc



We brand events and also provide full coverage - Videos and pictures.




To get more details about this package, please send us a mail: inquiries@brandiegroup.com.ng

Some of the firms we manage are:

  1. Gbenga Biobaku & Co
  2. Twelve Legal
  3. Mike Igbokwe & Co
  4. Trattonnectar Legal
  5. Aucourant Legal


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